We can prepare any vegetable in season, or any mix in any quantity according to your requirements.

Do you pay your staff to stand for hours cleaning and preparing vegetables?  Is your kitchen too busy or small or just simply reducing kitchen waste.

We can supply prepared fresh vegetables and fruit of all sorts to meet your needs, sliced, diced, peeled, chopped, grated and shredded. 

Example of our Range

Batton Carrots : Sliced Carrots : Whole & Diced Carrots : Whole Peeled Potatoes : Chipped Potatoes : Chunky Chip Potatoes

Chateau Potatoes : Diced & Baton Swede : Shredded & Sliced Cabbage : Brocolli & Cauliflower Floretts

Sliced & Diced Onions : Stir Fry Pack : Stew Pack : Soup Mix

Julienne : Chateau : Fondant

Contact us for your requirements